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Our History:

Welcome to our Culture. Welcome to 375 Years of brewing.

  1. 1516 »Reinheitsgebot«

    Duke Wilhelm IV issues the Bavarian Purity Law. It states that only barley or barley malt, hops and pure water may be used for the production of beer. German brewers voluntarily observe this law to this day.

  2. 1634 »Paulaner Brewery«

    The oldest document from the Paulaner Brewery Munich dates back to 1634. Life is hard for our monks in the Munich monastery Neudeck ob der Au; they are extremely poor and have to work very hard. However, they also brew a strong beer to help them through the difficulty of Lent. The result: Salvator.

    Any beer that they do not need for themselves is passed on to the poor or sold in the monastery taverns. As more and more of Munich’s inhabitants start to appreciate the benefits of the monks’ beer, Munich’s private breweries officially complain to the town council about the competition from the monastery. This letter is regarded as Paulaner Brewery's first official document.

  3. 1773 »Brother Barnabas«

    Monk Valentin Stephan Still, also known Brother Barnabas, joins the Monastery Neudeck ob der Au as a brewmaster. His innovative approach to brewing sets new standards in taste and quality. By the way, his recipe is still the basis for Paulaner Salvator today!

  4. 1818 »First Beer Tents at the Oktoberfest (Wies’n)«

    The first beer tents stand at what is now known as Oktoberfest (the Wies’n). Eight years earlier a major horse-racing event was held here, when the Bavarian Crown Prince married Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. This was the birth of the world’s largest festival.

  5. 1989 »First Paulaner Bräuhaus - Kapuzinerplatz in Munich«

    The building at Kapuzinerplatz 5 is the former public restaurant of the Thomasbräu brewery and has been a Munich Wirtshaus ever since. The Thomas brothers first started brewing Munich lager beers on the premises behind what is now the Wirtshaus. In 1928 Thomasbräu merged with the Paulaner brewery. In 1989 the first Paulaner Bräuhaus moved into Kapuzinerplatz 5 and a worldwide success story began. Freshly brewerd beer is simply part of the Munich way of life.

  6. 1992 »First Paulaner Bräuhaus abroad – Beijing in China«

    Paulaner Bräuhaus Beijing was the first of its kind to be built outside of Germany. Its huge success surpassed everyone’s expectations –the Bräuhaus quickly became the most famous foreign restaurant in Beijing, serving up traditional hearty Bavarian and German dishes in a genuine Bavarian setting.

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